Center for Clinical Epidemiology 学校法人 聖路加国際大学 臨床研究支援ユニット

Support Unit for Conducting Clinically Essential Studies (SUCCESS)


The mission of the Center,
「To cultivate the active clinical research mind among health professionals to improve medical practice.」

The main duties of this center are as follows:

  • Clinical Research Support

    The target is health care workers in which we provide consultation and assistance related to research study design, statistical methods, presentation method, and support for manuscript development.
  • Education and Training for Professional Development

    Training opportunities for senior residents and other healthcare staff are available (2-6 months). We conduct a lecture series on clinical epidemiology methods (3 times a year), workshops and symposia offered to the public (3 times a year), and consultation on international educational and training opportunities. (e.g. MPH program)
  • Research Projects

    Center staff-initiated research including national and international collaborative research (USA, UK, Australia, Vietnam, etc).